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Cymbal Rack is dedicated to helping drummers find the gear they want at an exceptional price. When Cymbal Rack was founded years ago it was due to the lack of quality Turkish hand hammered cymbals available at local drum stores or even in the United States altogether. Working directly with the manufacturers, we are able to deliver today's discerning drummers some of the best brands available that you just can not find at your local shop. Specializing in hard to find brands and Turkish quality cymbals, we at cymbal rack believe that drummers around the world should have access to every brand and the option of choice. Here you will find gear from such greats as TRX Cymbals, Istanbul Mehmet, Amedia, Sabian and many more. We are working hard to bring in more products everyday and our staff is committed to helping you make the right choice with your next percussion purchase.

We are drummers, and we know how important rounding off your drum kit with the right sound can be. We provide only the highest quality cymbals and percussion on the market today and never sell a gear that we personally do not believe in. If you are having a hard time locating a Cymbal or drum that is right for you? give us a call and our staff of ear trained professionals will do our best to get you what you want at the best prices on the web. On top of that, if you find a lower price we will do everything we can to beat it!

Sabian Cymbals

Some of our favorite brands 

Sabian Cymbals - Favored by more and more drummers everyday, Sabian Cymbals are made in Canada and pull there roots from the ever popular Zildjian company. With more unique cymbals variations being launched everyday and more and more drummer super stars making the switch, we can't count Sabian out of our brand line up and many of our Cymbal Rack staff prefer a Sabian. 

TRX Cymbals - describing themselves as " Young new comers" TRX Cymbals deliver a mixture of Turkish Soul with a twist designed for today's progressive and modern drummers. From Jazz to Hard Rock, TRX Cymbals has a line that will please the ear of any drummer and are quickly becoming a top recognized brand the world over. 

Istanbul Mehmet - A great Turkish cymbal manufacturer that has been creating top quality cymbals for decades. Coming from of the most world renown cymbal smiths the world has seen Istanbul Mehmet cymbals are some of the most coveted cymbals on the market today. 

Diril Cymbals- Another one of our favorite Turkish cymbal makers here at Cymbal Rack, Diril Cymbals come from the cymbal smiths involved with the Meinl Byzanze line and Paiste 2002 creations. This same dedication and superior sound can be found across the entire Diril line and the quality is second to none. You should definitely take a look at these cymbals

Dream Cymbals - Just because these cymbals are made in China does not mean they do not capture a musical sound that is anything but the rumored "gong sound" Dream cymbals are known for being high quality at a super affordable price. A great cymbal for beginning drummers or those looking for a unique cymbal to add to there setup. 

Toca Percussion - Toca is know as one of the formost leaders in inovative and traditional style percussion producs in the world. Bringing many great percussionists together and developing several unique drums and accessories are just a few of the things that set this company apart. From bongos to tambourines, Toca Percussion has everything you need round out your sound.